Menopause By Design



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A 3-Week Crash Course to get started doing Ayurvedic solutions for naturally easeful menopause. You’ll learn to leverage the basics and we’ll open the conversation for:

  • Hormone explanation
  • Ayurveda’s approach
  • How knowing your period history contributes to getting relief in menopause
  • Ups & downs of hormones cycles
  • Food, lifestyle and environmental hormone disruptors
  • Digestive effect on hormones
  • Hormone replacement therapy – how to mitigate the effects, how to transition, and whether you should
  • Stress Effect & adrenal burnout
  • Creating SPACE & TIME with tactical stress management
  • Techniques for Heat Release & Grounding
  • Building back resilience from years of depletion, fatigue, and hormone imbalance
  • Digestive effect on hormones, and changing the picture of weight gain &
  • Food sensitivities
  • Integrating your emotional self: overcoming & transforming anxiety, depression, sense of los
  • Replenishing your energy bank: Ayurvedic rejuvenation
  • Radiant beauty & skin

Starts the first week of each month!

+3 Live Calls dedicated to personalized coaching with Susan and learning others troubleshooting their menopause relief.

+3 Weekly Video Lessons to help you understand Ayurveda’s approach and make changes faster, including symptom relief, what to eat, how to move, and energy-enhancing techniques

+2 Laser Coaching Sessions with Susan with 20 minutes dedicated to making the information specific to you, and lift you over hurdles if you get stuck.

+Easy upgrade to private consultations for Ayurvedic advice or treatment programs

+Access to people as committed as you are to evolve their lives. Together our strong, dynamic community will make your health upgrade fun & light.

+Weekly email from me outlining a focus of the week to keep you on track, inspired, and focus.

+Invitation for you and a friend to the next Atma Ayurveda Seasonal Retreat Day

+Access to online resources in the Atma Member Hub

+Bonus materials to help you: recipes, tip sheets, reflection sheets

+Deep discount opportunity to join the expanded course starting this autumn

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