Panchakarma Ayurveda Detox Program

A highly specialized detoxification sequence of procedures.

Select the # of treatment days for your cleanse.

The more treatment days, the deeper your cleanse.

Then, choose full or half-payment.

You can make a full payment now, or select the payment plan which you make the first payment now and the second payment at the end of your cleanse.

What happens next?

After payment, we will schedule your pre-cleanse consult, and decide dates for your treatment days and strong action day.


What’s included:

  • pre-Cleanse Consult
  • Personalised sculpted advice for your current condition
  • Cleanse Hub – your place to see detailed explanations of your food progression, day-by-day actions, and treatments
  • Instructions for preparation phase, treatments phase, strong cleanse action AND after-care
  • Clinic treatment Days – the number you book
  • Strong Cleanse Day(s)
  • On-call advice on your Strong Cleanse Day
  • post-Cleanse Consult for after-care

Panchakarma is great for:

  • Interrupting the progression of chronic conditions & giving relief
  • Relieves long-standing digestive problems and conditions beyond the digestive tract
  • Eliminating excess Vata, Pitta or Kapha that contribute to disease progression