We’ll discuss your health history, current diet, and lifestyle. I’ll determine your unique Ayurvedic body-mind type through tongue, nail, digestive fire, and pulse assessment. You’ll learn how to optimize your health through simple improvements to your daily habits.The path to health involves education as well as helping you understand how Ayurveda views any imbalances so that we can make a program for change.

Together we’ll create an action plan for the immediate week with effective adjustments in nutrition, stress levels and movement (yoga and exercise). We’ll also assess if any Ayurvedic treatments or herbs would be necessary for your condition. In the beginning, it is advisable to get support, education, and motivation to make sustainable positive changes. We will determine if a program for consistent health coaching or treatment program if advisable. 

Details: It is recommended that you schedule your second consult 2 weeks from the first. Consultation amount is paid up front. After your final appointment in the package, you will receive a factuur with dates for your verzekering reimbursement if you need. 

Your 2 consults expire two months after attending first consultation. Payment is for the first consultation; the second consultation is provided for free.

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