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Here are some useful details about Panchakarma:

During your Panchakarma sequence, there are Treatment Days. On those days, plan to be at the clinic between 2-3+ hours.

A full body treatment will be selected for you based on your condition as a base treatment. These treatments could include:

abhyangha – herbal oil
udvartana – dry exfoliating
pinda swedan – steaming herb bundles
Typically your PK starts with udvartana and progresses to abhyangha

Your treatment day may also include the following:

Head Massage – Face, head and neck with special attention to marma points
STEAM – Opens purification channels & drives the herbal oil deeper; Special seated box to protect the head from heat
Nasya Treatment – herbal nose drops selected for your condition
You also have the option of adding on a variety of our signature Bliss Therapies

Castor Oil Pack
Eye Strain Soak
Relaxation Ear Soak
Breath Detox
Oil dam soak on painful area
Herbal paste poultice

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