Lesson 3

Menopause by Design

Learn the symptoms of Vata, Pitta, or Kapha types of menopause

The significance of oiling your body

Checklists for hormone balance


Actions Steps


Discover & Start to Apply Warm Herbal Oil

What is the most important place for you to start using warm oil?

  1. Head – stress, sleep, hot flashes
  2. Eyes – strained eyes, too much screen work, needing a lens prescription change
  3. Ears – ringing in the ears,
  4. Nose – stress, sleep, hot flashes, facial wrinkles, sinus congestion or allergies
  5. Whole body – stress, pains, fatigue, sleep
  6. Vagina – dryness, painful sex
  7. Colon – all of the above, constipation

Make a list, changing the order to what priorities you need.

Then, every day this week, get started applying warm oil to your #1 place, and schedule to add in #2 next week, #3 the following.

Reach out to me at info@atma-ayurveda.com for a recommendation for herbal Ayurvedic oils specific to your condition.

Learn to Do Less

Isn’t it time you changed your relationship to stress? We know stress is the #1 hormone disruptor based on our lifestyle which is in our control.

Make a list of the specific things that stress you out.

Then, examine the ones that overwhelm you the least, and start to engage differently.

Ask yourself:


How can I flip my current way of thinking about this 180 degrees?

What can I do less of?

What’s the one thing I can do to make everything else easier, or unnecessary?

Recipes for Exhausted Dry Types

Recipes for Damp Stagnant Types

Checklists to Balance Hormones

Here’s a bit about what to favor to balance hormones, and what to avoid:





Hot Flashes Quick Guide

The most important thing to reduce hot flashes and night sweats can be to follow the steps to increase your ojas, so make sure to first go back and review the information about that.

There are different types of hot flashes, likely to line up with how your cycle behaved historically, your constitution, and possibly  decades of imbalance. There can be a history of dry heat or damp heat in your cycle.

It’s likely that you will need to layer several remedies and drastically shift your relationship to stress. Here are some idease to help you to troubleshoot and find the right fit. 

Action Step: Alternate Nostril Breathing (DO THIS! It really works!)
Melissa officinalis tinctuur

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)  is a great starting point for medium to low level hot flashes.

In my experience, it works best for Vata and Pitta women who are the exhausted type, but everyone should give this a try.

Plus, it is a mood uplifter, so it can’t hurt!

Take 30 drops of Melissa officinalis tincture for acute hot flashes.

Support with tea of this plant throughout the day.

Elixir for Dry Heat type Hot Flashes

250ml pure pomogranate juice

1 teaspoon organic sugar

a couple splashes of lime juice

Drink 2 cups daily


Infusion for Damp Heat type Hot Flashes

Sage is an incredibly balancing plant for women with wet-type symptoms. 

It has a drying/wicking nature and so it tends to dry off some of the excess water that mixes with heat to give this type of profuse hot flash and night sweat.

Simply steep a sprig of sage (or about 1 tsp of dried sage) in hot water for 15 minutes before drinking. 


Menopause Manifesto

I stand for radical menopause relief. I believe it is every woman’s right to come into her own as she ages. To me this means:

  • cultivating her wisdom,
  • feeling great in her body,
  • knowing her strengths,
  • composting her history
  • embracing her beautiful, imperfect self
  • integrating her shadows,
  • contributing to change the world around her,
  • being sensual beyond expectations,
  • invoking change like never before,
  • feeling incredible in her physical body and confident she’s positioning herself for health in the decades to come,
  • reigniting her creative obsessions and
  • hearing a positive, rather than punishing, inner voice

I am a leader in the menopause revolution, shedding the taboos attached to menopause that increase the doubt and anxiety already activated by our physical changes