Lesson 3

Menopause by Design

What symptoms are common for Vata, Pitta, or Kapha types of menopause?

The significance of oiling your body 

 Checklists of what balances hormones


Actions Steps


Discover & Start to Apply Warm Herbal Oil

What is the most important place for you to start using warm oil?

  1. Head – stress, sleep, hot flashes
  2. Eyes – strained eyes, too much screen work, needing a lens prescription change
  3. Ears – ringing in the ears,
  4. Nose – stress, sleep, hot flashes, facial wrinkles, sinus congestion or allergies
  5. Whole body – stress, pains, fatigue, sleep
  6. Vagina – dryness, painful sex
  7. Colon – all of the above, constipation

Make a list, changing the order to what priorities you need.

Then, every day this week, get started applying warm oil to your #1 place, and schedule to add in #2 next week, #3 the following.

Reach out to me at info@atmaayurveda.com for a recommendation for herbal Ayurvedic oils specific to your condition.

Learn to Do Less

Isn’t it time you changed your relationship to stress? We know stress is the #1 hormone disruptor based on our lifestyle which is in our control.

Make a list of the specific things that stress you out.

Then, examine the ones that overwhelm you the least, and start to engage differently.

Ask yourself:

How can I flip my current way of thinking about this 180 degrees?

What can I do less of?

What’s the one thing I can do to make everything else easier, or unnecessary?

Checklists to Balance Hormones

Here’s a bit about what to favor to balance hormones, and what to avoid:





Menopause Manifesto

I stand for radical menopause relief. I believe it is every woman’s right to come into her own as she ages. To me this means:

  • cultivating her wisdom,
  • feeling great in her body,
  • knowing her strengths,
  • composting her history
  • embracing her beautiful, imperfect self
  • integrating her shadows,
  • contributing to change the world around her,
  • being sensual beyond expectations,
  • invoking change like never before,
  • feeling incredible in her physical body and confident she’s positioning herself for health in the decades to come,
  • reigniting her creative obsessions and
  • hearing a positive, rather than punishing, inner voice

I am a leader in the menopause revolution, shedding the taboos attached to menopause that increase the doubt and anxiety already activated by our physical changes