Orientation Checklist:

This is alot…Deep breaths…Ready, set…click!

Sign the Program Participation Agreement – find in your email & sign

    • Add the calls in your calendar. See schedule on the side bar.
    • To meet, we will be using the application Zoom.us. You can join either thru your desktop or Mac or thru your Android or iOS devices. Click here to watch a video on how to join a Zoom call.
    • Join our private Vitality Recharge Forum. This is where all the day-to-day action happens. Once you’re in there, you’ll be with all of the past and present members of Vitality Recharge. You’ll feel the wave of momentum from being surrounded by others on the path of upleveling their health.
    • Join our private Vitality Recharge Tech group. This is the place to post if you’re having any trouble with accessing the call, missing links, or any other tech-related item that needs our attention. Post it here – so it doesn’t take away our attention in the health forum!
    • Read the Guidelines for Participating in Dynamic GroupsClick here.
    • Introduce yourself in the forum. You’re welcome to chime into the conversation even before the Orientation call, and we’d definitely love for you to Introduce yourself! Share where you are in the world, and in life, and your reasons for joining.

Orientation Assignments:

  • Wander over to the Vitality Recharge Wellness forum and answer the Icebreaker: What is one thing people most people don’t know about you?
  • Finish all the items in the checklist.
  • Put time to do watch the lessons and do the exercises in your agenda.
  • Set an recurring alarm to engage in the forum 3-5 x week
  • Dive into the Better Habits Guide – read p 1-4