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This week it is important to get really clear on what you want out of this course. What is the outcome you want to have by the end of this season? By knowing this, we can work together to make it happen. I am here to support you.

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This Week’s Actions 


Finish all the items on the Checklist on the hub homepage


Create space for you - Set aside time in your agenda to do watch the lessons and to do the exercises. Get the Course Calendar Events noted.

Laser Coaching with Susan

As part of your Membership,  you can have a Laser Coaching Calls with Susan

to look at your #1 question or challenge with one of the habits we've covered in the course so far

1 per month (3 max.)

(Note: they do not roll over)

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Seasonal Herbal Check-in Call

You may need changes in your herbs with each new season or as you improve.

Each Vitality Recharge season you get a Herbal Check-In