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The BodyType Breakthrough:

The 4 step  “No-Doubts” Method to Demystifying Your Ayurveda Doshas

If you’re a health enthusiast ready to start
living your Ayurveda body type in a bigger way
And if…

You want to understand how to use your body type, beyond a superficial level

You’re ready to banish physical, mental and emotional blockages

You want to be able to identify which Dosha is the one they should be working on RIGHT now, and if what to do if that is different than their body type


There’s just one small problem that’s bugging you….How do you decide which dosha I should be working on right NOW?

Truth Bomb

Most of the body type information out there keeps you confused about how the doshas are really used in authentic Ayurveda

It’s far too easy to misinterpret your body type and start doing actions that may be counterproductive, or even go against your health

In authentic Ayurveda, we never treat the problem without knowing the cause. 

Getting precise from the start makes or breaks your health. You wouldn’t start climbing up a ladder to paint the side of the wrong house. Even if you get your body type correct through self-study, it only gives one clue.