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Menopause By Design

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the Menopause by design method





you will LOVE the feeling of having control over your hormones!

You’re an intelligent, accomplished woman who deserves to feel great again. You know not to put up with peri-menopause and menopause misery. You work too hard to feel lousy in your body, drag yourself through the day, and not be expressing your full self.

You’re ready to stop having hot flashes or flooding periods, to lose that stubborn weight, and to stop feeling wired & tired exhausted that you can’t sleep. You’ve decided hormone replacement, antidepressants and sleeping pills is not the right solution for you.

Take control of your hormones to shape your best decade yet!

    you suspect it’s possible to get balance naturally, and you’re ready to make a change


    Before working with Susan, my energy was so low I was miserable waking to face my responsibilities for the day. I had strong migraines at least 20 out of 30 days per month, and my energy and weight were holding me back and I felt like the roles were reversed in my family – my kids were taking care of me. This was going on for years.

    I’ve worked with Susan’s advice and reduced the intensity of my migraines – now they are only tension headaches 4-5 days a month rather than 20. I’ve shed 17kg in 6 months, 12 in the Vitality Recharge program alone!

    Most importantly, I no longer feel like my kids have to take care of me, but I can take care of them, I’m not irritable with them and they’re learning life lessons in real time from watching the changes I’ve made.

    I didn’t know where to go for help or how to pick myself up and you really helped me.

    – RACHEL P.


    Learn the ayurveda approach to menopause

    • “Wish-I’d-learned-this-sooner” explanation of hormones
    • Ayurveda’s unique approach and powerful tips
    • How knowing your Hormone History helps you get relief in peri-menopause
    • How your Ayurveda Body Type contributes to disruptive hormones, and helps with relief
    • Your unique Hormone Disruption Pattern
    • Food, lifestyle and environmental hormone disruptors to avoid
    • How the digestion effect controls your hormone symptoms
    • Hormone replacement therapy – how to soften the blow, or even transition off it, or what to try before starting
    • The Stress Effect on hormones & adrenal burnout
    • Creating SPACE & TIME for healing with tactical stress management
    • Techniques for releasing heat & feeling focused
    • Building back resilience from years of depletion, fatigue, stress and hormone imbalance
    • Changing the picture of hormonal weight gain using the Digestive Effect method
    • Re-Integrating your emotional self: overcoming & transforming anxiety, depression, sense of loss at menopause
    • Replenishing your energy bank: Ayurvedic rejuvenation techniques
    • Ayurveda secrets for radiant beauty & skin

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